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About HR & Associates

Large Manufacturer - "HR & ASSOCIATES helped structure our company to gain better control and improve profitability."- H.P.

Retail Business - "HR & ASSOCIATES saved us over $10,000 in taxes and created management reports for our business that gave us a better picture of our expenses to income ratios." - F.T.

Distribution Company - "We like HR & ASSOCIATES professional approach to help us go to the next level of our growing business. Whether it be by banking contacts and putting a loan package together, or setting up our computer system. HR & ASSOCIATES has helped us every step of the way." - J.F.

Service Business - "HR & ASSOCIATES restructured my business and saved me over 35% on my tax return. I am so impressed with the level of customer service, their friendly staff and quick return phone call response which is always within 24 hours." - K.H.

Multi-Million Dollar Wholesale Distributor - "Our company would not be as successful as it is or in the position it is, if it were not for the advice and direction we received from HR & ASSOCIATES - P.L.

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