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No More Surprises at tax time. Don't you wish you knew in October what your tax bill would be in March/April?

At your Annual Tax Management Meeting we take a look at your accounting through September and estimate the last 3 months of the year. Then we "run your tax return" as though it was "tax time"!

Now you know what your tax bill is for the year. No surprises. Because we projectedů
  • We can determine how to defer taxes.
  • We can determine how to eliminate taxes.
  • We can determine your tax bill with 6 months to prepare!
This Annual Tax Management Meeting at our office is to review tax and other business related concerns. We will also review the general ledger for the previous quarters and make any adjustments deemed necessary at that time. We will do a tax projection to make any changes to either eliminate or defer any taxes for the year and then project what that tax bill will be.
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