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Traditional Services
Traditional Services
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Accounting Software Training
HR & Associates has trained many businesses on how to utilize their accounting software to it's fullest potential.

Our "certified trainers" will provide software training for your company at your office. You will be instructed on all of the basics from set-up to check writing, bank reconciliation to invoicing.

What software do you train on?
  • QuickBooks - All versions
  • Peachtree - All versions
  • MYOB (Mind Your Own Business) - All versions
What are the benefits?

Accounting fees are reduced: Giving your accountant accurate information keeps billing time down to a minimum, thus reducing your accounting fees for monthly or year-end accounting.

Accountants do the training: HR & Associates not only sets up your company properly but structures the activity for the most advantageous tax saving strategies.

Accurate reports at your fingertips: What good are your reports if the information being recorded is either incorrect or incomplete? The old adage "Garbage inů Garbage out" applies to this scenario. Once your office is recording information properly, you can run reports with confidence knowing that you are receiving a true picture of your business.

Management Tool: How can you run a business without a balance sheet that ties out or a profit and loss giving you the percentages of accounts that directly affect your profit margin? This in-house training will now give you that management tool necessary to make decisions as you grow.
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