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It has been our experience that over 95% of all businesses are not taking advantage of proper entity structuring. This ends up costing thousands and thousands of tax dollars each year. HR & Associates can provide that advice so that you can receive the greatest return on your investment. . . your business.

Why Us...?

The largest ongoing expense to any business is taxes. We will design a tax savings plan structured specifically for your business. By taking an active role with our tax advisement service, you will have elevated your business to the cutting edge of tax minimization.

Financial Independence...
Our system will create surplus cash flow and by investing these savings in appreciating assets over time, independent wealth can be attained.

Asset Protection...
Asset Protection is an essential part any business plan to reduce or eliminate financial ruin through litigation. All of us are sued an average of five times in our lifetime, we will structure your affairs to reduce the risk.

Reduced Audit Risk...
Understanding what the IRS commonly audits helps us reduce those red flag areas. Once understood, we can change how the IRS looks at you by simplifying your tax return.

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