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Traditional Services
Traditional Services
Estimated Business Valuation
Accounting Software Training
Whether you are selling or purchasing a business, structuring buy/sell agreements, or gifting to family members and or key employees, you need to answer a key question:

How much is my business worth?

The professional staff at HR & Associates will compile information provided by your company from the past 5 years tax returns and financial statements in order to provide a current estimated market value of the company.

Based on appropriate methods an estimated market value of the company will be determined. Some of the methods used to establish value are:

  • Capitalized Returns Method
  • Discounted Future Cash Flow Method
  • Discounted Future Earnings Method
  • Comparative Company Methods
  • Net Asset Value Method
  • Liquidation Value Method
  • Excess Earnings Method
  • Multiple of Discretionary Earnings Method
  • Book Method

An agreed upon estimated fee range with a retainer requirement will be necessary prior to our beginning of any analysis.

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