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About HR & Associates
Briefly About Us...
HR & Associates is a full service accounting and consulting corporation. With over 75 years of professional accounting, tax preparation and management services we will provide you with the most important aspect of any business relationship, experience. Our staff has a unique blend of insight, technical knowledge and management expertise to offer you unsurpassed service. Whether taking advantage of current tax law changes or simply returning a phone call within a 24 hour period HR & Associates will respond to your needs with utmost professionalism.

Our Concerns...
HR & Associates strive to provide continual and timely tax advice. Is your company structured properly to take advantage of the current business environment?

Our Goal...
HR & Associates goal is to guide our clients in achieving financial independence and security through a lifelong and continuous plan. We will never take the historical approach so typical in traditional accounting and tax services. Instead, we will provide superior opportunity by designing the correct action, in advance, in your favor. This planning strategy is essential to ensure your success.

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